Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WWE SuperCard review

I have never played "card battle games", the closest I have ever come was to be a referee at a Magic the Gathering tournament when my club hosted one to make some money.  If anything I thought they were too complicated but 2K  games makes WWE SuperCard real simple and if you have ever been a wrasslin fan in your life this game can peak your interest.  It serves as a good card battle for dummies like myself, I have been playing it for a non- stop for a few days and I have to say say I am hooked.

  You can train your superstar of choice and make them your go to "Champ" you can do exhibitions and King of the Cage matches to earn more cards to train up your deck for more battles. I happened to download this when they added the new feature of The People's Champion, battling for a superstar in a current showdown on pay per view, mine was Night of Champions and I picked John Cena to have battles for.  This is a nice feature because it makes you want to get involved in a live event, it actually made me watch Raw this past Monday night and I haven't been into Pro-Wrestling in years. I have this on my Kindle fire for right now but I think I'll be putting this on my phone if my friends get into it. It is also available for Android and IOS.

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