Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Good Show Gone 'Almost Human' Cancelled

     Wouldn't it be nice if you controlled your own network?   All the great shows that you found intriguing would have enough seasons that would keep you happy and you wouldn't have to worry about crappy endings when they go.  According to Deadline, one of my favorites on Monday nights has been cancelled.

Almost Human which starred Karl Urban and Michael Ealy was a pretty good looking sci fi, buddy cop drama on Fox that only lasted this past season.  It was new and coming on after I thought I was running out of good TV to watch.  Rating was the reason given in the Deadline article but given the special effects I guess the lower than expected rating made it pretty expensive to produce.  Needless to say I liked it a lot and if it gets syndicated or winds up on Netlflix you may want see what was a pretty decent first season in my opinion.  The premiere impressed me enough to follow it weekly from start to finish so it really is too bad it's not going to see a second season or a closing one.

It is pretty saddening when a show you like gets pulled out from under your feet.   Copper ended with a cliff hanger ending on its second season and now that story is unfinished to those that were interested.  I guess we who were interested didn't talk it up enough.


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