Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Be careful who you make fun of, lest you become them

   In healing up from the latest illness that has kept me inactive , I'm taking the down time at home to catch up on some gaming.  I've pretty much finished up with school for good and decided to reach out to my friends to play some games.  But, in being too busy to keep up with trends I have been left behind in a sense with the new consoles.  Granted, I never planned on jumping on that wagon and still plan on holding off for a bit but my main gaming buddies seemed to have moved on.
Mostly playing single player.

What's a guy to do?  I don't really have the cash to blow on a "now" generation console as I am still enjoying a long list of un-played games on my PS3 and Xbox 360.  So who do I play with?  Then, I remembered those guys that I used to tease because they were too busy raising families and spending money on things that were necessary before jumping on the gaming band wagons at the time.  The guys that bought Gears of War for 20 bucks when everybody was playing Gears of War 3.  The guys I teased for being behind on what was "in" because they only found time to get into things when they were affordable, cheaper, and their kids got older.  Going back to school has turned me into those guys, so I sent out the SOS for old generation gamer tags for what I classified as "Old Man Gamer" buddies. The guys that wanted to play but couldn't at the time, now we seem to have the same gaming libraries.

So while everyone else is playing Titanfall and going nuts over it, I'm still trying to do my first job with these old guys on Grand Theft Auto 5 on line or,  do another 50 waves of Horde on Gears of War:Judgement.  Yes, I am that guy now.  I don't mind it, as long as there are still busy people that love games I know I'll have partners to pull jobs with and fend off the horde...once the kids are in bed.

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