Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014, what did you binge watch?

     Another year done and a new one to look forward to. After trying the traditional New Years Eve in New York City it got me thinking about my real new years eve tradition.  The Twilight Zone marathon before during and after the festivities.

Talky Tina, a classic scare in the episode, Living Doll.
For as long as I've been alive every new years eve/day and fourth of July I love to sit through these.  As I was getting ready for my adventurous night out to ring in the new year a friend texted me about a sale on Amazon where I could buy the complete collection for half price.  I was about to jump on it when I thought it would take away from their special place these stories have in my heart.  Rod Serling is one of my all time favorite story tellers and he had a great passion for the craft of story telling that even other great story tellers like Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan recognize when they speak of what legacy they hope their stories leave behind.   He was also never short of some great stories and is probably the reason I like the horror anthology genre so much.  In like something from The Twilight Zone, when I sit to watch these I swear new episodes are thrown in every year I watch them.  One of my Christmas gifts this year was a biography about Serling written by his daughter I'm in the middle of reading now.

 I prefer it to stay a tradition over having them at the ready. Other than recovering from a long night out and done football what traditions do you enjoy?  Please comment below and Happy New Year!

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