Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Movie recommendations for those not that into X-mas

    I've mentioned before how the holidays seem to being out the crazies once Thanksgiving passes, and referred to it as "The Silly Season".  That phrase was taken from a film, that sort of became an unofficial Christmas movie for myself and many others over the years through pop culture or what have you along with another film.  The films I am referring to are Die Hard and Lethal Weapon , while their genre may be action elements of holiday survival are ingrained and the message is of closeness and family are there that make them good choices for the grumpy guy's holiday.

Firstly, both films start and end with Christmas music so you have your sandwich of holiday theme music right there.  Throughout both films you'll notice plenty of Christmas lights and Santa themed colors in many scenes.  Along with tinsel, and eggnog both films focus on families trying to get together for Christmas but have to deal with these pesky European terrorists or mercenaries interrupting their plans.
All 4 Lethal Weapons in one box but only one get played every year.

Let's look at the McClane Family Christmas, better known as Die Hard.  Firstly, after an obvious separation due to economic and geographic reasons, the McClanes still make a go of getting together for the Holidays and John McClane meets with his wife at her company X-mas party only to be interrupted by Hans Gruber and his gang of terrorists in a plot to rob Nakatomi Plaza.  Gruber's planning is pretty good counting on the holiday season to distract enough people to do the job, but he didn't count on McClane being there.  While action ensues, so does a reunion for wife and husband and a holiday bromance between McClane and friendly Twinkie loving cop Sgt. Al Powell.

Lethal Weapon is especially good for the guy that feels lonely around Christmas as does Martin Riggs in this film.  Struggling with a wild man mullet hairdo, and suicidal thoughts Riggs meets family man and all around good cop Sgt. Roger Murtaugh.  While their differences are apparent, opposites do attract and bring these two guys together for the holidays and solve the murder of an old war buddies daughter.  The case brings Riggs into the Murtaugh family fold and after a few shoot outs, explosions, and lawn fight on the Christmas decorations the film closes with Riggs having a nice Christmas dinner with the Murtaugh family letting him know he doesn't need to be alone for the holidays.

I make it a point to sit through these every year for the past few years and it's not say these films are better than It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, or A Christmas Story but, if you tend to not like that stuff or find it overly mushy but don't want to be a "Scrooge", these will do just fine.

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