Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How many ways can they kill Spidey? "Turn Off the Dark" leaving NYC.

    I haven't read a Spider-Man comic book since the Brand New Day story line and the Disney acquisition of Marvel.  I gave up on comics, mostly because the story lines seemed to be changing too much to target an audience that did not age with it's characters.  That's besides the point, Spider-Man has always been one of my top reads as a kid, he brought me back to comics during Marvel's Civil War story line when I thought I was done reading, and when they changed his life by resetting him, I washed my hands of comics.

I heard about his recent death from a friend and his "Doc Ock" replacement on line and it didn't matter because he was already murdered by greed as far as I was concerned.  Then I read today that Turn Off the Dark was leaving New York City today, Spidey is being moved to Vegas like some unpopular crooner from back in the day that has lost his popularity.  Maybe if he wasn't ruined so much people would still be interested.  How many times can you reboot movies and reset and erase such epic stories that people grew up with?  They cite financial reasons in the Wall Street Journal article I read, but what do you expect with what they have done to Spider-man's story.  When you target a new audience by brushing aside the original audience you lessen your numbers and lose audience all together.
So long again Spidey...

I saw Turn Off the Dark last spring and didn't have high expectations but it didn't take long for me like what I saw and remember what got me into Spider-Man in the first place.  I'm glad I saw in Spidey's home town before they relocated it,  I've never been to Vegas so maybe it'll be a good excuse to go.  For the record, I still read trade paperbacks for stuff that interests me.

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