Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who 50th: The Day of the Doctor. I had no idea what I was getting into.

     I am a big fan of great story telling no matter what genre it is, although I do have my favorites.  I have written before about trying to find shows to get into when the one's you like end, what I didn't mention is what I stumbled across in my search.  I met The Doctor when he was in his fourth incarnation as a kid when he was played by Tom Baker.  I didn't know that the thing would still be on the air some 32 years later...

When you get socks for a show...that's hardcore.
If anyone knows how to tell a story and keep any continuity errors to a minimum, if at all it has to be Steven Moffat.  This guy was already in my good writer list when he did his re-imagining of Sherlock, little did I know he was the show runner for Doctor Who as well and his 50th Anniversary episode did not disappoint. The intro used in the beginning was the classic Doctor Who intro form when the show first started and if you watched the docu-drama the night before, An Adventure in Space and Time you got a glimpse of it even if The Doctor started making his rounds before your time.  I know it's not the first time a few of the past incarnations of The Doctors got together, but it was a first for me and I have to say it was fantastic since I got back into the show with a mature enough mind just recently.  I'm not including any spoilers in this because if you haven't seen it, or any episodes you need to hop on +Netflix if you plan on it.  It'll help you understand the story a little better too.  The dilemma in the episode and for The Doctors is played out using John Rawls thought experiment, and if you want spoilers and more on the experiment you can read more into that over at io9 and their review of the episode.  I know some shows that run too long can get tired and un-interesting, but Doctor Who has done something to keep things fresh and fans interested to the point they go back and watch the old stuff (like I am now).  It all connects, and connects really well so if you're looking for some good original writing, look no further than Doctor Who.  Also, watching a time traveler run into himself three times creates some good banter on TV for a few good laughs.

What I will say is that, leaving The Doctor as a little kid and always remembering him as Tom Baker, it was nice to see Tom Baker come back for this.  All these Doctor Who's in one place, what more could a fan ask for.  Catch it if you can....

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