Sunday, October 20, 2013

Silver Bullet (1985) Review

     This is one of those films that when it's on TV, I always stop and watch it.  It stars Corey Haim as Marty a handicapped boy and his sister that encounter a were-wolf in their small town.  It is told from the perspective of the sister remembering the events that happened and how their uncle played by Gary Busey before his head injury.  It's another gem from the 80's written by Stephen King that doesn't involve some form of giant insect.

Megan Follows plays Corey Haim's sister and her older version of herself narrates us viewers through the story. It's one of those stories where the focus is on the problem of the were wolf but also on fixing a family's broken relationship. It kept me interested as a kid and it still interests me now. The reason being the man that is the werewolf. He seems like he has some good in him during certain scenes but when gets found out he starts acting like a true antagonist.

If it's a film you haven't seen it's on AMC's Fearfest and worth watching. Speaking of films worth watching we haven't seen yet. I've got Scanners in my player this weekend because I've never seen it but keep hearing about it. That review will be up for this weekends list of Horror for Halloween month recommendations.

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