Thursday, September 26, 2013

Parents just don't understand...VIDEO GAME RATINGS!

     Posted a while ago was a small rant on this site called Rated M for Mature about the ratings system for video games, and how people don't pay attention to them especially when shopping for spoiled little so and so at home.  With the release of one of the most recent version of the most popular and controversial games to hit consoles, Grand Theft Auto V last week people seem to still pay no heed.

An open letter by an anonymous game store clerk posted on Kotaku recently expressed the same concern, and mainly blames parents.  To his credit he does a really good job of reading off what the rating represents, much like the former game clerk I spoke to in the piece mentioned above.  We have a lot of people out there forming organizations to inform the un-informed, on top of that it's good to know there are some clerks in the retail business like the one in the Kotaku article breaking it down on top of what's on the box.

He closes his letter with this, "I just ask that you look at the box, ask an associate for assistance, or just be more involved."  Those that aren't involved are quick to blame video games for the next idiot that shoots a place up because he was a shut in or what have you. As much as media like to assign blame I don't think we have to worry about it affecting the industry too much, they (the media) are just looking for attention, and we've seen this before.  Like this statement from an article on POLITICO and how it did not even come up with the politicians when discussing the Naval Yard shooting,“I think you are going to have crazy people no matter what. The same argument was made when movies were invented, same with comic books, same argument that comic books are going to cause violence,” Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) told POLITICO. “I think people like to assign blame for something. Otherwise, it’s hard to make it fit in their mind of why someone would do this. Sometimes I think bad things just happen.”  This is true, but it helps to monitor what your kids bring home all the same, please read the retail associates (who mentions he is also a parent) letter and keep it mind.

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