Sunday, September 29, 2013

Final Episode "Felina" recap/review **SPOILERS**

So long Mr. White, you owned Sunday nights
     It's over, one of the best shows on television in a while has finally come to a close.  Many shows in television history run too long but this story of a nice guy gone bad had an ending when it started.  Last night's episode closed the book on a journey into one man's journey into the world of cartels, kingpins, assassins and betrayal. So goes the story of how Walter White broke bad...

Full circle, "Felina", brings us up to speed, we know what the M-60 is for, Walter White finds a way to leave money to his family through his former colleagues at Grey Matter with a little help from fear, Badger and Skinny Pete.  All of Walter's money is gone now, he makes to Skyler and finally admits that all his wrong doing and power moves was not for his family, it was for him and the power he felt from the beginning.  Before that, he has meet with Lidia and Todd in her favorite coffee house at her favorite seat drinking her favorite tea with her favorite sweetener...courtesy of Mr. White.  He pitches what seems like a great idea that doesn't matter to anyone, he just needs to get everyone in one place.  Walter White whispers to himself in the beginning of the episode, "Just get me home, I'll take care of rest."  It seems he is throughout the flow of the whole episode, this is Heisenberg's end game and he plans it perfectly when things get to Todd, his uncles small compound.  Jesse, is still prisoner here too, still cooking to Heisenberg level perfection and he does not look good.  His face is scarred, his service forced by The Aryan Brotherhood that took away Brock's mother.

When Walter pulls in he parks his car, the way he wants to park for reasons only known to the fans and the M-60 contraption in the trunk built to work only the way a Walter White idea that can save his rear can.  Immediately when the meeting starts it's known that no business will be done with Walter and he's just there to die.  Not before he can play on Jack's pride and accuse him of partnering with a rat because of the meth being cooked by Jesse.  Jack brings Jesse in to prove he is not partnering with him which is fine by Walt, he wants everyone in the same closed area anyway.  He jumps at Jesse as if to attack him and presses the remote trunk release on his car and out pops the M-60 in some automated death contraption that mows down the entire building.  Everyone but Jack and Todd are dead, Todd being the "special" kind of guy he is tries to have a conversation with Walt about what just happened and that's is when Jesse takes his back and strangles him with the chains he was forced in till he croaks.  Walt deals some justice to Jack, in the brutal point black fashion he deserves.  Then it's just the two of them, former teacher and student, former partners, staring at each other with Walter White with a gun in his hand.  Realizing, this is the end (for all of us) Walt tosses Jesse the gun and asks him to ,"do it".  Jesse, having been Walt's puppet too often denies him the last pull on his strings and drops the gun and leaves.  Jesse leaves, to be free and live on, hopefully to be a better man then he was when we first met him.

While Walter White is left alone, bleeding from a stray shell that looks like it went through his liver.  He finds his way to the Aryan meth lab, and looks at the cleanliness of the machines that cook his masterpiece recipe, he touches the equipment and looks to be smiling as he drops before the law arrives.  Walter White said a long time ago, "it's over when I say it's over".  Well it's over, and it was over on his terms I don't think Heisenberg could've fallen any other way.

Goodbye Breaking Bad, we will miss you.

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