Friday, May 31, 2013

Wrasslin' How can it not be part of the Olympic games.?


   I am one of those people that try to stay up late and watch certain competitions on TV when the Olympic Games are around and wrestling is one I shave stayed up late for.  Wrestling has been in the Olympics since ancient times and to have it considered for removal last February is ridiculous.  The International Olympic Committee’s executive board Wednesday placed wrestling, squash and baseball/softball on a short list of sports from which only one will be chosen for inclusion in the 2020 Games.  I don't know what squash is an American sport widely known as"America's pastime" and I don't think I have ever watched the game as a competitively international sport although I do know the games are out there. 
    Wrestling is something every country can compete in and some real battles have gone on with some very tough representatives from places like Russia, Iran, and the United States.  I don't know how it got in the mix of getting cut, some things in my opinion should not be up for that option if it was on the original list of games when they event first began.  If anything, other martial arts or MMA should be added since Pankration was one of the original games as well.  To be fair to the squash and baseball fans out there, I think they get enough coverage during their respective seasons that the popularity of the sport should not suffer. (Does squash have seasons?)  Again, I'm not trying to be mean or bash the other sports, I just feel like wrestling has always been there so it's disturbing to think it would not be.

   Are there other sports that should be considered for removal?  Doesn't seniority count for anything anymore?  I am not a wrestler, I did a few practices until my mom pulled me out to work at the family business but once I was out on my own I found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have trained with a lot of wrestlers to know the sport definitely deserves to stay in the biggest world competition known to man. I hope it does not get removed, it makes me worry for Judo, Boxing, and other sports that have people training to get to the Olympics. Things like track and field stuff seem to be safe, I know like everything else there are a lot of politics involved in the Olympics and that has a lot to do with what gets added.  I just think the long running competitions should never be considered for removal, too many people have trained too hard and keep training to get there. It would be a shame to discourage them.

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