Monday, May 13, 2013

Rocky Balboa: Life coach and personal trainer.

    I have considered myself an athlete most of my adult life, when work, school and other obligations get in the way not everyone can train like a professional athlete and we get a little soft bodied. I just finished my spring term in college and I am a good 15-20 pounds over weight.   I have trained in martial arts half my life and when I feel I am getting a little out of shape and think maybe I am getting too old or I should throw in the towel a series of films I grew up with has always been a good motivator.
      If you are a Generation X male, you probably grew up with your summer movie line up being ruled by Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Not to take away from Mr. Schwarzenegger, but he was a former Mr. Olympian and champion body builder who already had an aura of being the model macho man.  Stallone's Rocky Balboa character however, was not very super in the beginning but he was kind of average looking during the first film and became great.  Rocky had his ups and downs too and those films  (and some of their soundtracks) helped me and other generation X males cut the fat and "man up".  The following is a summation of the lessons that the Rocky films taught my generation of wannabe tough guys.

Motivational Sound track included

Rocky I:
  • Anyone can do anything if they put their minds to it and have the right people behind them.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • There's someone out there for everyone.  I want to elaborate on this a bit because of the love story between Rocky and Adrian.  He wasn't exactly smart and confident and she was very quiet and unattractive according to Hollywood standards but their story is memorable.  It also made me dig girls with glasses.
Rocky II:
  • Everyone deserves a second chance.
  • Back up what you put out, leave no doubt in anyone's mind of what your goals are and what you are able to do and continue doing. 
  • Give respect where respect is due.  Having to beat Apollo Creed a 2nd time not only let Creed know he was honorable and deserving of his title, but the second time around humbled Creed and made for a great friendship.  Friends fight sometimes, true friends get over it and help each other when they step in crap  which brings me to the 3rd film...
Rocky III:
  • Don't be cocky, if you're too cocky someone will check your attitude. This comes in the form of our favorite jibber jabber shut down artist Mr. T, known in this film as Clubber Lang.
  • True friends step up when you get KTFO'd, this is the rest of my last lesson point taken from Rocky II. Also, working out with a good friend can sometimes help you meet your goals.   Creed helps Rocky not only evolve physically but change his style of fighting.
  • Old people die if you throw stools at them.  That scene where Micky dies was very sad to me as a kid.
Rocky IV:
  • Patriotism, stand up for your country when people threaten it or at least challenge them to a boxing match after your very good friend makes a mockery of the sport and gets killed by some roided up super Russian.
  • It's never too cold to work out, Rocky works out pretty hardcore in some cold weather.  I have to remind myself sometimes that cold weather is no excuse to pile on pounds, so this film is a good reminder of that.
  • Steroids can't be heart!
Rocky V:
  • We're going to get old, but its no excuse to not be involved any sport you dedicated most of your life too. Nothing lasts forever but It's always good to go back to your roots.
  • Family is important, especially your kids.  Also, let them know smoking is bad.
  • There's no rules in a street fight, especially when you have to check one of your students who are getting too cocky. (See Rocky III)
  • Don King looking promoters are shady, and can't sue you if you're broke.
Rocky Balboa :
  • When you get real old, don't try to out try to beat a young man's cardio and speed when you know you can build on already establishes old man strength and experience.
  • If you listen to your body, you can prevent and heal some potentially serious injuries.
  • You don't have to win to prove a point.

     I am not at the Rocky V, Balboa stages yet but these films can help serve as an old man athlete instruction manual for when I get there.  In the mean time, I still got a lot of work to do and the entire collection of films has provided me with an awesome soundtrack to do it with," Eye of the tiger" and "No easy way out" are my recommendations.  So, you gonna ring the bell?

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