Sunday, April 28, 2013

UFC app on Xbox Live

    I just watched my first pay per view on Xbox Live and not only was it cheaper but, it was also interactive and  that's something my cable provider isn't willing to tack on to my bill when adding up the cost of the event. The UFC app has been around for a a while but I never really used it since a lot of the content in the beginning was just old fights I had already seen.  Ordering this PPV (Pay per view), on the fly turned out to be one of the most pleasant experiences ordering a live event I have ever had. I had a lot of bad experiences dealing with one of the cable giants I would rather not mention since I want to talk about good things here.

     The presentation from the UFC app menu is cool, the upper left part of the screen is where all the promotional video and live stream plays but leaves you access to other parts of the app that let you interact with the event.   It was $44.99 which is about 15 dollars cheaper than my cable provider offers it for.  You also have an option of paying 10 dollars more for an HD event but once it started they said they were only broadcasting in HD so I think I got lucky with the exception of a few grainy points during the stream.

The red "Sports Picks" is where you vote.

      Selecting the streaming tab brings it to full screen so you're not watching the event in the main menu but its nice to have both options. The quality suffers a bit if you switch too much but not enough to ruin the event and you really don't miss any of the action.

Full Screen
     Right before each match started you got a notification to choose who you thought would win and how you thought they would do it.  You are allowed to cast your vote right before the match for a limited amount of time, it was a really cool way to keep you engaged and see what other fight fans were predicting.  Even after the votes were cast you could see how quickly stats changed at any time and see a detailed menu of the each fighters stats and how they did in their past matches. 

Up to date stats right before matches
    I am a long time fan of the sport and even with some of the fights that dragged a bit watching this event through the console was engaging and fun.  Sometimes you get a match that seems to drag, but with the app on Xbox live you can engage other things in the event while it plays on the tab in the back ground.  I will definitely be ordering these events like this in the future if it's a card I'm interested in.  Again, not only is it cheaper than my cable providers options but its fun and definitely less aggravating than dealing with the cable company.

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